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Most products are produced by means of the established mass production infrastructure. Traditionally, this involves large stocks, high manual labor, large capital investments, high energy use, long distance transportation. Although many advanced new materials have unique functional properties that hold a great promise for innovation, they often need to meet the criteria and characteristics of this established mass production paradigm. This delays the exploitation of the huge potential of whole new classes of materials. Combined with major societal trends and consumer needs like customization, personalization, on-demand fulfillment and the fact that the world is becoming ever more digital and networked, there is a need for a paradigm shift in manufacturing called Digital Fabrication.

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Diginova – Roadmap for Digital Fabrication

NOW it is available for download



LUXeXceL - Inventor of Printoptical Technology

In manufacturing technolgy employing Digital Fabrication, LUXeXceL Group to raise growth Capital of international Venture Capital Funds: more information on website, link to YouTube Corporate video


Information from linked project: COLAE is offering practical trainings

link: leaflet

link: webpage


Eight myths about 3D printing bursted

London Science Museum launched new 3D Printing exhibition - it would be worth going to if you're ever in London: On this linked webpage there
are 8 movies that elaborate on the hype versus the real potential of 3D printing.


3D printing a massively disruptive technology with huge economic impact by 2025 states McKinsey Global Institut

In the McKinsey report the impact of several technologies is discussed. One of them is 3D printing which is one aspect of Digital Fabrication.


3D Printing Saves Baby’s Life with Biopolymer Tracheal Implant

In University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital an implant was designed and 3D printed to aid a six weeks old child.


LUXeXceL - Inventor of Printoptical Technology - Fully & Functional 3D printed Glasses

On May 31st 2013 Dutch TV broadcasted about the new 3D Printing Process of LUXeXceL, being able to print optically smooth surfaces without Post-processing. In this News Report you can see Globals First fully 3D printed Glasses. http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/afleveringen/1348250


Diginova agreed with IS&T about a close cooperation.

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